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“I’m an artist and daydreamer. I tell stories though art.   I create stories about underrepresented characters.”

Sketch is a native of New Jersey and a self taught artist, though she spent way more years than strictly necessary collecting grant money at City College of San Francisco..

Sketch joined the San Francisco Arts Commission and became a full time airbrush artist after the birth of her son in late 2005. Since the launch of her career, she has sold over 3000 original works.

Her work at the SFAC Sketch created shirts for many causes including Larkin Street Youth Services as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act’s 25th Anniversary at City Hall in San Francisco.

She’s made multiple appearances on PCT Pacifica creating paintings on live television. Her works have featured in all over northern California. Her Fat Faeries series has been featured at the Sacramento International Film Festival.

Sketch Smith

About The Artist

Sketch Smith is a artist living in San Francisco, California. Read More.

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